Here is the next page.

Here is an idea: There are 3 more pages to go. Let’s say I put one up on Monday, one on Tuesday, and last on Wednesday. How’s that?

Also, these latest color offerings are going into a book. As in, in about a week I will have the final proof of this newest book in my hands. It’ll be 8×10, full color, and 48 pages. It will contain 3 poems and I am only going to post 2 of those three here. I’m thinking it’ll be around 11.99, but for you folks a flat $10 (plus shipping).

Who wants one?  I’ll make the pre-order arrangements as soon as I can gauge the demand.

Also, Book 2 of the Journal Comic will be available sometime in the next month or two. I’m thinking the same deal will go on that as Book 1. It’ll be 6×9, over 100 pages, black and white, and some kind of bonus material. Perhaps comics drawn just for it. Also a flat $10 (plus shipping) for you lovely humans.

Who wants one of those?

Thanks y’all. See you here next week for some proper updates for a change.


Gabriel Dunston