So here we are at the end of our happy road together. That was the comic shop guy poem dedicated to the dying breed I always feared I would become. Time will still tell on that score.

The times, they are a changing.  I am redesigning the site yet again. I came at my journal comics with the intent to get better at drawing and story-telling with them so that any other comic I made would have the chance of being a solid effort if not a strong work. I wanted to maintain a journal comic site for at least 3 years (in order to make at least three books).

Mission accomplished.

I have three years and three books worth of journal comics ready to go. I learned some valuable lessons along the way and met so many great people. Now, it’s time to do something new.

I have started a portfolio and blog site here that may serve as a hub for all the things I do in the future, because I have plans outside of comics. In the mean time,  I would like it if you kept your eye on it. a longer and more detailed explanation of what is going on and what I am doing will go up there soon. Including what’s going to happen on this site, now that it is no longer just a journal comic site.

In the new design, prepare yourself for a whole bunch of white space.

Book 2 of the journal comics is undergoing prepress right now and I am in the process of designing the cover. The last two poems have been compiled and a proof copy of that book is in the mail. I am excited to get these ready for your eyes and the upcoming con season.  They will also be made in to eBooks and downloadable .PDF’s.

Speaking of which, who here would like the PDF’s?


Gabriel Dunston