Convention season is here folks, and in order to make it a good one, I need a fair sized stack of books on my table. In order to get that, I need enough pre-orders to order a good sized stack of books.

I need to pre-sell 20 books total by April 7th.

Less if I pre-sell some artist editions *hint hint wink wink*

If I pre-sell enough books before April 7th, I will ship them early.

If I pre-sell a LOT of books, I will add something special to each order. I have a few ideas of my own, but email me and tell me what kind of special things you would like in your pre-order!

For the record, is a real site. It points to my online store. Check it all out!

The site is getting to where I want it. God-willing, this will  be the last redesign for something like 2 years or so.