So here is the story. It shall be brief.

I wanted to draw journal comics because it would force me to draw from life and I could focus on getting better at craft. I wanted to take some time to get good at this, or at least get comfortable, so that I could make full on graphic novels.

Mission accomplished. I have better skills and more confidence. Most importantly of all I have all of you.

I finished my children’s book and thanks to all your pre-orders I got it printed in time for this year’s convention season.

Just after I got the book printed, I hung up my pencil for a while. I have spent all of the time to now writing.

I now have my first actual graphic novel fully written and ready for pre-production. I finished it about a month ago. I have been sitting on it for a month while I catch up on some freelance gigs that have zapped my time. Among them is an anthology entry for Red Stylo Media. The anthology is called: “Shakespeare Shaken”. It should be good. I’ll link when I know more.

The second big gig is the start of a new marching pre-season. I will now be writing drum parts for a drumline. While I am doing that I will be checking to make sure my script is worth making a full comic. If it is worth it, I will then proceed with pre-production. Pre-production for comics means gathering reference materials and making character sketches and location sketches. After that, and once a lot of drumline writing is out of the way, I will begin with production proper.

The novel is divided into a few discrete chapters. I plan on posting the novel on here one chapter at a time. To break up the chapters I will have some journal comics between them. A few funny things have happened here and I still want to share.

In the meantime, until I get some material polished and produced, this site is going to stay dark.

I plan on updating my art-blog site more often. I would love it if you were to meet me there.

Join my facebook page or follow me on twitter, and you can see what I am up to there as well. I will put out a blast on each of these outlets when I am ready to post material again.

My tentative deadline is to have the thing done and printed by Feb of next year. Not sure how that will go. Let’s all hope together.


Gabriel Dunston