fan drive VerticleHere, in my eleventh month, I would like to call upon you, my Devoted and Darling Desperadoes, to help me fulfill a goal.  A short-term dream if you will.  I would like to accumulate at least 100 facebook fans before the end of February, but I need your help to do so.  So if you like the site and you want to help, please tell your friends I am here. Post a link. Spread the word! After all, why wouldn’t you want your frieds and family to share your good taste?  If you are not a fan already, I urge you to click the happy little button with the friendly letters: “Become a fan” in the box to your right. It’s as simple as the one click.



What benefits do you have to look forward to as a fan of the Mighty PookeyG you ask?  Why, previews to the comic of course. During update times when I am drawing on schedule, I post the pencils or pencil roughs of the comic I am working on the day before the comic is officially posted here.  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!  Soon I’ll also be adding fun sketches and silly pictures.  I also urge you to add the same!

 Finally, once we have reached the goal of 100 fans on the fan page, I will release the obligatory Pit of Despair Desktop Wallpaper! What will it look like you ask?  I’ll give you a hint: Imagine the profile picture on the fan-page only bigger.

So join me and the many other Daring Desperadoes who have already proven to be ultra-cool early adopters. Become a fan TODAY!!!